Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paris Chicken

My husband and I got married last September, for our honeymoon we went to Vegas. We decided that we would have at least one really nice meal while in town. We ended up at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant with a window seat to see the beautiful city. We had the best chicken meal of our lives, when we came back home I decided that I could replicate that great meal and every time I do it’s like being on our honeymoon in Vegas all over again.

4 Boneless, skinless chicken breast (Pounded thin)
3 Eggs
2 Cups flour
2 Tbs. Garlic powder
7 oz Grated Parmesan cheese (Fresh)

Pound out each piece of chicken between wax paper, and then mix the eggs in a pan large enough to dredge the chicken. Mix the flour and garlic in another pan and the grated cheese in a third. Dredge the chicken in the egg then coat with the flour, then back into the egg again then coat with the cheese. Heat a large skillet or electric griddle with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) then pan fry the chicken until brown and crispy, about 10 minutes each side.

I like to serve it fairly close to the way we had it in Vegas, Au Gratin potatoes and a green vegetable. The kids didn’t have the original but they sure love my remake.


Tara said...

Oh the crust on your chicken looks just perfect! The loveliest shade of golden brown! This sounds like a very yummy breading. This would be good on chicken fingers too! Oh and the picture of that restaurant is spectacular! How cool!

Mom said...

Your Paris Chicken looks terrific! The picture is top notch also.
I'm going to try this one soon.

Kim aka Asher's mommy said...

Love this!! Made it for my in-laws and it was a big hit! :) Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

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