Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ice Cream Sammie

This is a fun and easy cold treat on a very hot day. You can use just about any combination you can think of. I like big soft and chewy cookies with chocolate of course, but oatmeal or peanut butter would be great too.

8 Nabisco Big & Soft chocolate chip cookies (Homemade would be great)
1 Quart of Strawberry ice-cream (Or whatever you like)
1 Cup Mini chocolate chips

Soften the ice-cream if needed in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Place a large scoop onto 4 of the cookies then top with another cookie. Firmly squish them together to bring the ice-cream to the edge of the cookie. Roll the ice-cream edge into the mini chips and stack on a plate, cover with wrap and hold in freezer until you are ready to serve them.


Cheryl said...

Those look really good and nice photo too!

Cheryl said...

Those look really good and nice photo too!

katie said...

Those look delicious! We made these once with leftover chocolate chip cookies and ice cream (yes, it is pretty rare to find either leftover chocolate chip cookies or leftover ice cream yet somehow we had both). We didn't roll in the minichips though, great idea! I think chopped salted peanuts would be good too.

Kevin said...

What a nice ice cream treat!

Usha said...

Yummy ice cream treat...perfect for summer :)

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