Sunday, February 15, 2009

True Blueberry Pancakes

The other day at work I was eating a mixed berry yogurt for snack, I bit down into a blueberry and I immediately had a craving for some home made blueberry pancakes. I told my husband that we had to have them for dinner, I find it funny how eating one small bite of something could make me have such a huge craving for something else. I stopped and purchased petite frozen blueberries on the way home and they were the perfect edition to the pancakes and homemade syrup we made to go on them.

The Pancakes :

1 ½ C. - Complete Extra Fluffy Pancake Mix
1 C. - Water
2 Tsp. - Vanilla
1 Tsp. - Nutmeg
2 Tsp. - Cinnamon
2 Tsp. - Honey
¾ C. - Berries

The Syrup:

2 C. - Water
½ C. - Sugar
¾ C. - Berries

In a large bowl mix the first 6 ingredients for the pancakes and then fold in the berries, in a medium sauce pan mix the syrup ingredients and cook over medium high heat until reduces by half, stir and smash the berries a little every few minutes. Heat a griddle pan to 325 degrees and cook the pancakes until golden brown on both sides, place onto a baking sheet and keep warm in an oven that has been heated to 200 degrees. When ready to plate lay out 2-3 pancakes and ladle some of the hot berry syrup down over top and sprinkle with a little powder sugar.

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Preppy Pettit said...

Yummy! I may need to make these tomorrow.

Donna-FFW said...

Oh Yes, so yum! I may have to try with chocolate chips, also.:)

Grace said...

i love all pancakes, but i'm pretty sure that blueberry ones are my absolute favorites. i like them even more than those with chocolate, and yours look scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yummy - I love blueberry pancakes - we have them every weekend in July!

Cheryl said...

One of our favorites, looks delicious!

Kevin said...

A perfect breakfast!

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