Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary

September 22, 2008… What a wonderful and glorious day it is. Today is our first Wedding Anniversary. I know most people, when asked, would say that it was the best year ever, and I am sure most of them meant it. But if you ask me this past year being Mrs. Dunkin really and truly has been the best year ever. Looking back twelve years ago to the first time we met at work and the feelings we had for each other then was such a wonderful feeling. However, it was not our time to be together. He was engaged to another and his life took a different path when they married and he moved on professionally. We lost touch for many years and did our own things and had our own lives until we meet again in November of 2005, again of all places at work. He started working at the same company I was at (how weird is that), we began talking and came to find out that he was single again and that I was still single. On November 11th he asked me out on the long awaited date and we have been inseparable since. I love my husband so much, I truly feel we are soul mates and we're meant to be together and something more powerful than us had decided it was time, for us, to get that chance at true love and happiness. He is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, the one who knows how to make me laugh, and most important my one true LOVE.


Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary, very nice tribute! Congrats!

NuKiwi said...

Thanks for your comment on my risotto. And congrats on your anniversary.

JD said...

Nice use of your new lens. Good boque demonstration.

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